Certified Brokers

Help enroll your clients in health coverage.

Agencies and brokers play a vital part in beWellnm's success. They are a valuable resource for individuals and businesses looking to purchase health insurance. BeWellnm is committed to providing the broker community with tools to help manage clients and assist them with their health coverage needs.

BeWellnm's enrollment system allows you to provide information, analyze plans, and help select the best plan for each of your clients. Together we can get New Mexico individuals and families insured!

Dashboard & Analytics

Holistic view of your business-related activities.

Manage Pipeline

Track and follow up on all your sales activities.

Client Quotes

Quote management and creating reusable quoting templates.

Agency Management

Simple and guided workflow to manage multiple roles.

Training & Certification

To become a certified broker with the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange, also known as beWellnm, you must complete a training course which includes information on the individual, family and Native American Marketplace as well as coverage options and enrollment requirements. To request access to the training program, email Partners@nmhix.com.

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